The Isle au Haut Boat Services mail boat runs right by the lighthouse several times a day on its way to Duck Harbor in Acadia National Park. Great photo op (ask the captain to slow down – the mate may be available to provide a little color). Contact the boat company for seasonal schedules.

Lighthouse cruises by the boat company are scheduled several times each summer and include a shore stop on the island with a docent guided tour inside the lighthouse. Contact Isle au Haut Boat Services. Other boat tour operators also include us on their tours, including Old Quarry Ocean Adventures in Stonington.

Each summer the Lighthouse Committee provides a number of its own docent guided tours inside the lighthouse and around the station in conjunction with the Keepers House Inn. Occasional special events also happen. Check with the committee’s website for announcements.

The most exquisite way to experience the lighthouse is to spend a few nights there at the inn. Included are delicious meals and friendly service by island folks. You’ll get a lighthouse experience available nowhere else. Visit the Keeper's House website for details.